Evil Eye Store sell trendy lucky eye t-shirts - Turkish nazar handmade evil eye scarfs and all authentic carpet bags with unique patterns. Cotton Evil Eye T-Shirt with Rhinestone worn by Celebrities. Order this t-shirt today. and keep evil eye away. Hand or machine was delicate in cold water - Tumble dry low or line dry - Made in Turkey. Stretch t-shirt - Fits perfectly. When someone is wearing evil eye t-shirt, it's thought to ward off negativity and bring good luck. Evil eye is said to protect you from envy of your good fortune. Turkish Nazar Lucky Eye Scarf. Silk scarf with handmade lace red lucky eye charms. All authentic carpet bags with unique patterns - Made of original handwoven kilims, 100% wool, hand woven on loom in the small villages of Turkey. They are one of a kind. The handles and trimming of your one of a kind bag is made of the finest genuine leather.