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Box Knot Paracord Keychain

Box Knot Paracord Keychain. The paracord keyring has to a metal lobster key clip at the other end which can attach to a key ring, belt loop, tote bag, or anything else you want. The length from end to end measures approximately 6.30 inches (16cm). 

Paracord is virtually indestructible (rubbing or cutting, of course would cause damage) with many uses. It's mildew and rot resistant. It can be used in many emergency survival situations from normal day to day activities to the extreme survival situations. 

  • Weight: 20.00 g / 0.71 oz
  • Dimension: Length 16.00 cm / 6.30 in | Width 13.00 mm / 0.51 in | Height 12.00 cm / 4.72 in
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