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Celebrity Evil Eye Necklace

925 Silver Celebrity Evil Eye Necklace with Enameled silver Lucky Eye charm and Cubic Zirconia Stones. Cubic zirconia is a mineral that is widely synthesized for use as a diamond simulant. Celebrities that maintain the protective eye in their jewelry wardrobe are reported to be Oprah. Madonna. Britney Spears. Debra Messing. Jennifer Aniston. Selma Hayek. Kelly Ripa and many many more. Eye-Catching Jewelry Combats 'The Evil Eye' Curse.

  • Weight: 4.10 g / 0.14 oz
  • Dimension: Length 40.00 cm / 15.75 in | Width 16.00 mm / 0.63 in | Height 10.00 mm / 0.39 in
  • All our silver products are 925 Real Silver

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