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Ceramic Pomegranates Set - 3 Pcs Set

Ceramic pomegranates set with tulip pattern. These handmade pomegranates are gorgeous for your house decoration and as a gift. 
And above all, they resemble the sign for prosperity. According to feng shui, pomegranates on your desk or in the house increases your wealth. 

This set include three different sizes pomegranates

Large : Height: 4.33" (11cm)  - Width: 3.93" (10cm)

Medium : Height: 3.54" (9cm)  - Width: 3.54" (9cm) 

Small : Height: 3.14" (8cm)  - Width: 2.75" (7cm)

Pomegranate is a middle east Mediterranean fruit tree with a lot of meanings. It symbols fecundity, power, health and prosperity.
The "crown" on top of the intense red fruit symbols beauty and royalty there for it is used as a wide spread decoration for houses, clothing and jewelry. 

The pomegranate will bless your home and business. It is an excellent gift for a new house, young couples and whoever is dear to you.

  • Weight: 600.00 g / 21.16 oz
  • Dimension: Width 9.00 cm / 3.54 in
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