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Herringbone Stitched Paracord Bracelet

Herringbone stitched paracord bracelet. This survival bracelet is simple, trendy and comfortable to wear. The herringbone stitch is a nice way to spice up a cobra knot paracord bracelet. This yellow and black paracord bracelet is the perfect item for any outdoor enthusiast. This is a great style for bikers, boater, hikers, campers, hunters, and anyone that wants a useable tool available to you when needed. It's easily worn and available in case of emergencies. It can be adjusted from 7.48 inch (19cm) to 10.23 inch (26cm).

It is quite interesting in the way it is made adjustable and how it closes. In essence it i a common cobra knot bracelet, but the closing mechanism is quite efficient. All in all, it looks good, is adjustable and stores a decent amount of cordage. A solid bracelet.

  • Weight: 15.00 g / 0.53 oz
  • Dimension: Width 18.00 mm / 0.71 in

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