Evil Eye Towel

We recommend that your new towel should be washed before use, as it takes several washes to achieve their maximum absorbency and softness.


How to Wash Your 100% Cotton Towel?

Here are a few guidelines on how to optimise the durability of your cotton towels.

Please do not dry clean your cotton towels

Machine wash at 30 degrees centigrade, tumble dry (on low heat to avoid excessive shrinkage) with cooling down period, take out of dryer shortly after cycle is completed, fold, lay flat and iron whilst fabric is still damp. You may also hang the towel to drip dry, this will result in minimum creasing. Do not mix wash with other fibres like acrylic or poly cotton, as this may result in pilling of the cotton fabric.

Try not to use fabric conditioner. If you do, use only a very small amount and not in every wash as this coats the towelling loops, reducing towels absorbency.

If you see a stray pulled loop on your towel please cut off with a pair of scissors, this will not damage the item.

Bathroom detergents and some beauty products, such as cleansers contain bleaching agents may cause permanent discolouration to your towels.