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Evil Eye Home Decor with Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Handmade fused glass art evil eye wall decor with mosaics of Hagia Sophia.  Unique gift idea. By hanging an evil eye, a person can assure himself or herself of constant protection. It is also a good idea to hang an evil eye in one’s home or office. It is common to hang them, or display them, over doorways and entryways so everyone who enters the home is safe. There are also evil eye wall hangings that can placed in rooms around the house.

"Hagia Sophia is the former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in 537 AD at the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was famous in particular for its massive dome. On the western wall of Northern gallery, there is the mosaic board where the Deisis stage, considered as the start of renaissance in East Rome painting, is located. In the portrayol, Ioannes Prodromos ( John the Baptist) on the right and Virgin Mary on the left and in the middle Pantocrator Jesus Christ are located. In the mosaic, Virgin Mary and John the Baptist's prayers to Jesus Christ for the mercy of people during the doomsday are portrayed. Both 3 figures carry the characteristics of Hellenistic Era portrayal art."

This evil eye wall hanging comes in 2 sizes. Please select your size below. You can also add a luxury velvet box to your gift.

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