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Evil Eye Wall Hanging & Decor

Evil Eye Wall Decorations

Evil eye wall hanging or home blessing amulets with evil eye beads and evil eye decor, evil eye party decorations blue evil eye frames, or wall carpet are typically carried, or placed in homes. Blue eye wall hanging items are also used to guard individuals and corporations against financial losses or poor business dealings. Where to hang evil eye wall hanging? If you want to protect your home or office, you should hang an evil eye wall art evil eye amulet near the entrance so that all visitors can see it. Evil Eye came to break with quick distraction seeking the person who tried to concentrate on us to see him and breaking his concentration and strength in a simple and effective way. The color blue is believed to ward off bad luck which is why the blue front doors are common in the Greek Isles for example. And if an evil eye bead ever cracks or shatters, this means it has just absorbed a rather powerful bit of the evil eye. It should be replaced immediately! The concept of the evil or envious eye is recognized by many cultures and religions, including the Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Spanish, and German cultures and Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Hamsa wall decor home blessing items such as hamsa home blessing wall decoration amulets evil eye wedding favors, evil eye party decorations, kabbalah evil eye wall decoration evil eye frames or wall carpet are typically carried, or placed in homes.

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